A Different Thanksgiving

Vietnam Veterans memorial Washington D.C.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Washington, D.C.

This post was originally going to be about the joys of setting up your own Facebook page for your business. I was using my own fits and starts  to write a “how to” article. After all, If I’m studying Social Media Marketing shouldn’t I know how to use the media? To get started I set up a personal Facebook page but I got sidetracked this morning from moving on to a business Facebook page.

Today is Veteran’s Day in the United States. In the spring, on Memorial Day, we honor those who gave the last full measure. Today, however, we recognize ALL those who have served.

So I was reading some posts and comments this morning on Facebook — and — I was thinking about the article I wanted to write — and — just where it is, that I am at; in this new start, this new enterprise — and my thoughts turned to my father.

I didn’t know my  father for very long. He left when I was twelve. I only knew him for a few months more, twenty years later, just before he passed away. Now, I’m about to connect some unlikely dots. Please, bear with me.

The ultimate fondness I carry for my father is based on two things — this man taught a youngster tools — how to use them, how to care for them ~~~ to love them. He always said tools make you more of what you already are.John & John

The second thing was – we were best buddies. My father never finished high school, but he was a smart guy. He knew how things worked. He would talk with me about all of his plans and hopes and ambitions when he didn’t share them with anyone else. This is the point I’m getting at. Let me turn the corner and show you what I mean.

When you start a new business you need a couple of key things. Being under capitalized ain’t one of them. I recognize at least twice my father started enterprises and he only dug himself deeper in debt, because he was way under-funded. Why is this an important thought? I, you, we have an incredible opportunity on the internet of starting something without the loss of anything — except time.

You can spend a lot of money on equipment and programs – but – you don’t have too.

Another key element — you can’t hide your candle under a bushel. You need a confidant, a peer, who you trust. This person or persons has to be able to hear all your ideas, thoughts and plans. Because it’s in the talking that you hear them yourself — and you work out the kinks. You can’t do this with a ten or eleven year old child and that be your only outlet.

John G Johnson
United States Navy
The Philippines, 1945

The next thing you need is a circle of friends or associates. These may not be your confidence people, but they are your cheerleaders. They wish you well because they don’t mind. Folks — even for the shyest among us — Facebook and Linkedin are a perfect circle of “friends”. That’s why they call it a Social Network. Use it to your good health.

On a personal note, I want to thank each of the individuals in the classes I’m currently taking. You all are doing what I’m doing — and we can do this!

Until I get back to writing that “how to” on building a Facebook business page, here’s a great link for starting in on the nuts and boltsplus —it helps me fulfill this assignment’s requirement of two embedded links in the article *wink*.

Oh — and I also wanted to say — Thank you, Dad.


I've been where you are now. A little help goes a long way. So --- go ahead and ask whatever is on your mind. I'll answer if I can --- and if I can't --- I'll point you in the right direction. I've had a lot of help from a lot of folks along the way. This is my way of "paying it forward". ~.~

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