Five Key Elements To Great Content

#1 – Keep Your Eye On The News

Stay in tune with current events — connect your product or service with what’s going on in the world around you.

Stay Timely!

#2 – Explain Features & Benefits

Features are (almost always) detailed. But, benefits are (almost always) poorly explained — if included at all.

If you can look at something and divide the features from the benefits — then you are well on the road to writing great content.

Take a moment and look over the image of the sauna.

Make your content richer!


#3 – Write Using Your Own Voice

Good content is clear content, content that gets the job done, content that communicates.

Ernest Hemingway wrote — “The first and most important thing for writers … is to strip language clean, to lay it bare down to the bone.”

Be authentic!



#4 – Facts Not Opinion

The old adage — “Never talk about religion, politics or money at the dinner table.” — because — you’ll be right half the time — which means you’re wrong half the time.

Inject your personality, but don’t get carried away and exaggerate. Use specific details and facts.

Share the gift of knowledge!



#5 – Write For Your Audience

Speak to them — use the word “you” when you can — and — keep their perspective in mind.

Motivational Coach Tony Robbins is famous for saying — “Communication is the 100 percent responsibility of the communicator”

That means it’s your job to grab you audience’s attention — and keep it!

Speak to your audience, not at them!




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