Web Design Trends for 2013

This is an Infographic created by Enfuzed.com showing some of the current trends this year. Some of these trends are driven by the huge new use of hand-held devices such as tablets and cell phones (whether Android or Ios). For example, “Infinite Scrolling” or “Single Page Websites” — which are a throwback to the early days of the graphical user interface (GUI) internet — make using a cell phone far easier while browsing (rather than constantly searching the site for and with a menu).

Keep in mind, some of these applications may not fit with what your objective is, or the clientele you’re serving. However, please don’t dismiss these trends outright. Because, one reason, out of many, is — over half of all searches on Google are now performed on a hand held device.

Thank you to www.enfuzed.com for producing and sharing this Infographic.



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