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toolbeltThis blog is about two things. First, it is a tactic in my strategy to build a successful online internet business. Second, it is a record of what steps I take to achieve that goal — as I take them.

Let’s take the second first.

The first three posts — call them teaching moments — are the result of assignments in a course I’m taking in Blog & Article Writing. They are also an assessment of the life experience and business management skills I bring to the enterprise. And — they’re meant to be insightful, motivational, an encouragement to you.

Since self-assessment should be an ongoing exercise in everything we do, there will be more of these articles. The next in that series has a working title of “Qui Docet, Discet” – a phrase that means “He (or she) who teaches, learns”. It is an homage to a very short lady with a giant soul who bravely tried to teach me Latin in high school.

I am constantly on the prowl for improved ways of making money online, home based business and how to market a business. In addition, I am committed to learning what I need to succeed. “Man must use what he has, not hope for what is not.” – G.I. Gurdjieff. As such, I go by a few simple guides — know where you’re going, go now, leave a document trail, be adaptable.

This blog will be a record of that journey. Again, to quote from Gurdjieff, “I ask you to believe nothing that you cannot verify for yourself.”

When we – you and I – are on the road, on the trail, we can’t see our destination. The best we can hope to see is the next marker on that trail — to look to the horizon, fix on that next landmark and work our way forward. I am lighting beacon fires and setting up landmarks as I go. It is a journey by design.

So — this is an invitation — making money onlinewe can learn together — see what resources are available — implement them — test them — modify our approach — and succeed.

We work hard just to exist. I’m pretty sure, if you’ve read this far in this narrative, you’re like me and wouldn’t mind working hard to do better than that, maybe even grow rich.


Next time in First Things Second –  Outline of Internet Business Tools and Resources


I've been where you are now. A little help goes a long way. So --- go ahead and ask whatever is on your mind. I'll answer if I can --- and if I can't --- I'll point you in the right direction. I've had a lot of help from a lot of folks along the way. This is my way of "paying it forward". ~.~


  1. Assignment Comment #1 “Briefly explain how you came up with the idea for what you wrote.” — I came with the idea for this article from two sources, chiefly, what I have learned from each of the courses I’m currently engaged in — and — because of a milestone in my own life — a “taking stock” of my own experiences, successes (some of which I’ve shared thru the vehicle provided by these courses) with a particular eye toward the twin lessons, for social media, Share (your experience, your content) & (use your own) Voice.

  2. Assignment Comment #2 “Briefly describe things you included in order to optimize SEO.” — I’ve done extensive keyword research on Google Adwords Keyword Tool — for the last month terms and search results: rich-20M; online business-1.5M; internet business-673K; making money online-823K; social media marketing-368K; social media-3.3M; blog sites-368K; search engine optimization-450K; make money online-823K; home based business-165K; how to market a business-246K, etc. In addition, I used keywords such as Joomla, Drupal, CMS, WordPress, Facebook, teach, learn, tactics, strategy. Mechanically, I used keywords in Titles, (paragraph) Headings and Image file names, descriptions and Alt descriptions.

  3. Assignment Comment #3 “Briefly describe ways you might promote your post outside your blog.” For the time being, until I implement domains and website rewrites, and create Facebook business pages — I am receiving some very encouraging feedback from posting on my personal Facebook page. With this article I will utilize the WordPress publicize feature which posts to directories, groups and search engines. In the future, I will announce articles on the business Facebook page, in groups myself and to my email list. Also I intend to backlink from my own (appropriate) websites. This particular topic lends itself to a viral (free) eBook campaign.

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