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Outline of Internet Business Tools and Resources

firstsecond600How do we implement the tactics to achieve the strategy?

I am still working on that “how to” to put up a business Facebook page. I promise. But I didn’t want to jump ahead of myself. I’ve also been taking a course in Social Media Marketing — and that’s where that course was taking me. I soon realized I needed to step back (be adaptable) and produce, at least, a beginning outline of internet business tools & resources (document trail).

Rule #1 – If you don’t have a passion for this, a driving force, don’t do this!

Rule #2 – Be who you are!

If you are a baker — you can do this. If you are a travel agent — you can do this. If you’re a money manager — a crafter working in beads — a gardener — a work at home mom — a TV junkie!!! — a child psychologist — a video gamer — a scoutmaster — a secretary — YOU can do this, but, only if you are who you are.

You see folks — I’m not going to ask you to give up what you do, to start selling soap or perfume or kitchen containers — all I’m going to do, is give you some tools — to do — what you already know how to do. I’m going to use those same tools. Show you how those tools work. Show you what I’m doing with those tools.

Rule #3 – Nothing has any meaning, except what I give it.

Say it out loud — you’ll know what that means, immediately. Now, go ahead — please — say it out loud.

Rule #4 – Go Now!

A Brief List of the Tools & Resources (part 1)

You need a Blog and you need to be engaged on the Social Networks. Each of the other areas are partially or fully optional, depending on how you develop your concept.

Blogs and Web Content

If you’re reading this, you can writeblog and web content writing this. A blog is your platform to share who you are with the world. You need to make a commitment, right now, that you will start to share, in bite-sized portions on a regular schedule. This is important to build readership, build your email lists, build your reputation, and build your website rankings in the search engines. The world is starved for content, your experience, your knowledge, your content, your voice.

Social Media Marketing

Remember when you were the first one to realize a new thing was going to take off? Remember thinking — years later — I thought of that!


Social Media has taken the globe by storm. It is the new “Word of Mouth”. We’re going to take an in depth look at many of the social media, so we can figure out which is the best fit for each of us. In the meantime — get on Facebook, now. If you’re on already, start “listening” to the conversation, share insights and tips, be helpful, be empathetic but most of all — listen.

facebook likeWe’ll go into constructing a business page and the toolbox full of great things that are just waiting for you to use. AND — we’ll explore other social media, together.

Next time in First Things Third – A Brief List of Tools and Resources (part 2)



I've been where you are now. A little help goes a long way. So --- go ahead and ask whatever is on your mind. I'll answer if I can --- and if I can't --- I'll point you in the right direction. I've had a lot of help from a lot of folks along the way. This is my way of "paying it forward". ~.~

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